Gas Product Services

We have factory trained gas technicians certified to repair gas inserts, fireplaces, gas logs and gas grills. These gas products should be services yearly to keep them in top performance condition. A typical service will include inspection of pilot, OD sensor if applicable, thermopile and remote. Repairs or adjustment will be made as needed.

Pellet Stove Service

Pellet stoves should be services every year in addition to the manufacturer’s suggested care. A typical pellet stove service will include inspection and adjustment if needed of the auger motor and feed system, blower motor, combustion motor, hopper and ash pan. All debris will be removed, if direct vent venting will be inspected and vacuumed (Venting through roof will require chimney cleaning) and the unit will be started up and observed. This is just a sample of a typical service.

Wood Stove Service

Servicing a wood stove or insert starts with a Chimney Cleaning, this is an absolute necessity and should be done once or twice a season depending on how much wood you are burning. A complete service with chimney cleaning will also include inspection of the stove’s integrity, the blower system if any, vacuuming of the interior and inspection of the firebricks. Any defective parts should be replaced before use.

Gas Grill Service

Gas Grills require service for several reasons, most common being igniters do not work, burners not lighting, rotisserie not working and more. Before a service it is suggested the grates be removed and soaked in hot water with Dawn dishwasher detergent, this will help in the light cleaning.

Awning Service

Awning services include adjustments of pitch, fabric and levelness. We replace parts such as arms, motors and such. We also provide replacement of fabric and valances with Sunbrella and other high quality performance fabrics.