Grills n Stuff, we all know about grills but what about the “stuff”. The stuff is the mouth-watering recipes we gather from expert chefs and all these recipes are cooked on a wonderful Napoleon or Saber Grill. We hope you enjoy these recipes.

All of the Napoleon Grills listed are Propane grills, all are available in Natural Gas, and most are available as a built-in grill. If you are planning a built-in, please call with specifics. 215 269 9900 or email
The SABER patented cooking system for superior grilling with even heat and no flare-ups
Our Grills n Stuff pages feature the today’s popular grills with the latest features. Napoleon grills with the infared burners, stainless steel grills, illuminated cooking area and dials. Saber with the patented no flare up cooking grids, temperature gauges and no need for a grease cup, no more grease stains on the deck.

All commercial-grade stainless steel is non-magnetic. Electronic ignition at every burner for reliable start. Grate-level temperature gauges allow grilling with the lid up. Front access grease tray for easy cleaning, Heavy-duty nylon locking casters. Uses 30% less gas every time.
Simple cleanup: just burn off and brush away food debris. Safe, easy natural gas conversion with SABER’s exclusive EZNG technology

Choosing the right grill is not difficult, what happens is that we get caught up with shinny grills with lights or other toys. These are all great but first let’s be practical. How many people do you want to cook for at one time, this will determine the size of the grill. What type of food will you cook, simple foods, burgers and hot dogs just requires the basics, cooking fine steaks, chicken or roasts with veggies and sauces may lead you to a rotisserie grill with a side burner. In our opinion you should have side shelves of a place to prepare and place the cooked food. It is not so hard, and we are here to help you make the right choice.