Gas Log Sets, For Open Warming Fires

Vented Gas Logs by Peterson “Real Fyre”

Charred Series

Our artisans work from real wood samples to meticulously recreate the intricate bark detail and natural coloration of deeply charred wood. Realistic burned-thru centers of the resulting log sets—from the Charred American Oak to the Charred Majestic Oak—reveal the brilliance and fiery heart of a robust, long-burning fire.

Designer Series

Beautiful hand painted originals, painstakingly modeled from real wood samples, add elegance to your hearth. Artistic quality of the Real-Fyre Designer Series captures the natural beauty of a wood fire. Charm of the Designer Series from Real-Fyre lets you experience what a fire is meant to be

Classic Collection

Since creating the original realistic looking gas log sets more than 60 years ago, Real-Fyre has grown to offer the broadest selection of log sets to enhance the home, and the most innovative technologies to safeguard the environment. Classic Series has withstood the test of time with traditional favorites, like Golden Oak.

Large Sets and See Thru

Log sets up to 72″ for a spectacular fire

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Vented Gas Log Sets by White Mountain

A vented gas log set makes a great alternative to the hassle of building a log fire in your wood-burning fireplace. Just like a wood fire, a vented gas log set provides plenty of mesmerizing flames and flickering light. Log sets are considered decorative systems and must be installed in a vented fireplace with the damper open and may not operate by thermostat.

Burners and Matching Log Sets

Treehouse 11 Vented Gas Log

Birch Logs with Vented Slope Glaze Burner
Slope Glaze with Charred Oak Logs

We offer two types of Vented Gas Log Systems. Our Vented Slope Glaze Burners are rated at up to 75,000 Btu to create taller flames. Burners may be operated with an on/off remote control or wall switch.

Vented Slope Glaze with Driftwood Logs
Slope Glaze Ponderosa vented Log Set

The top of the Slope Glaze burner features precision ports that position the flames to complement the log set.  Inside the burner, the gas flows through a bed of precisely sized ceramic pellets that tumble and swirl the gas as it mixes with the air.  The result is a cleaner burning fire with natural flame movement – a great choice for LP gas installations.

Vented Slope Glaze with Sassafras Logs
Super Sassasfras with Vented Slope Glazed Burner

Complete your fireplace with a Refractory, Burncrete®, or Ceramic Fiber log set designed exclusively for the Vented Slope Glaze Burner. Logs are available in 18″, 24″ and

More Vented Slope Glaze log sets

Stacked Oak
Super Charred Oak

Super Stacked Wildwood
Treehouse Logs

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